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Dale Thompson, December 2015,


Triumph TR 2,3,3A and TR4 (cont.)


Steering Rack and Pinion Conversion TR2,3,3A 

It is important to remove the "anti-ackerman" built into the standard car.  Anti-ackerman  increases toe in with increasing steering angle.  It was helpful for the old bias ply tyres, but wrong for modern radial ply tyres. We remove the anti-ackerman by swapping the steering arms side to side.      

Front Anti-Roll Bar Kit

This is the single most important item for TR set up.  With just the ARB, the standard car can be balanced.  We have 20mm and 22mm dia in for both TR2/3 and TR4 (for wider track car.)

Panhard Bar, Fully Bolt On, Easy to Fit

With the panhard bar we are adjusting rear roll centre height.  We can influence the balance of the car with very fine adjustments.  We are changing the amount of "geometric" weight transfer, relative to the "elastic" weight transfer, as described in the Technical Pages of this web site.

Suspension Bushes

There is not enough consideration given to suspension stiffness to resist the large forces at play with modern high cornering speeds.  In racing TR's record cornering and braking forces well in excess of 1G.  Rubber or urethane do not have sufficient stability.  We recommend the steel and nylon bush with the big nylon thrust washers as per picture below.  These have Triumph part numbers. 

You can see the large nylon thrust washers on the upper inners. This is a highly modified TR with wide track and a big brake package.

TR hubs are not reliable.  In racing, we have had the flange break off without warning.  These hubs are lighter and very strong.  Uses larger, stronger bearings.

Steering rack set up.  You can just see one of the stiffening sleeves needed.

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Steering rack bracket

Steering rack bracket on the LHS of the car bolts up where the old idler arm used to be.  Similar location on the RHS where the steering rack used to be.  Spacers are needed on this car to stiffen up the mounting

The panhard bar is perhaps the best of our products for Triumph.  It is all bolt on.  Shown here is the chassis mount bracket.

Panhard bar chassis mount