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Dale Thompson, December 2015,

Using the Weight Transfer Worksheet we can work out the springs and anti-roll bars that will give the ride rate (stiffness) and roll rate (stiffness) needed.

For most models we recommend three alternative set ups:
Performance Road - around 95 - 105 cpm ride rate
Street and Track (tarmac rally spec) - around 110 to 120 cpm ride rate
Racing - 120 to 135 cpm ride rate

The selection of ride rate is very closely tied to the available suspension travel.  A given ride rate infers a particular minimum wheel travel.  So sometimes we have to make more suspension travel, or stiffen the ride rate and/or roll rate, or use a progressive bump stop.  A performance car will use up more suspension travel in braking accelerating and cornering because of the greater G forces, and therefore must have stiffer suspension.

At standard and performance road spec, the rear ride rate will generally be stiffer than the front, so as carry the extra loads of passengers etc. with sufficient rear ride height.  Track capable set ups will ideally be a little stiffer in the front than the rear, generally by around only 10%.  This makes the car responsive and quick on the turn in and across the face of the corner.  Similar rates front and rear help the car to take a set (transient movements of the front and rear happen in about the same time)  Live rear axle cars may be softer than ideal in the rear to aid traction.  The decision for rear ride stiffness depends a lot on the rear roll centre height (this will become clear after spending some time on the WTW calculations).

So you can see the power of the Weight Transfer Worksheet.  It allows an iterative process, trying different combinations of the available set up alternatives, and we get closer and closer, with each trial calculation, to the set up that will work best.

Just as important as a suitable ride rate, is a linear and consistent roll rate.  We don't think that an anti-roll bar that is bent like a banana to miss other components in the car, can fulfill this requirement. 
We can do a "Street and Track" set up for any car and model.  

To enquire, email me. Describe your car, and class of racing (or road use), and I can get back to you about getting a good suspension set up for your car.

We can do front wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles as well.  The Weight Transfer Worksheet theory still applies.  Just the objectives are different.

Street and Track

Most of the set ups we have done have been for racing or tarmac rally.  Many of our customers have won races and/or tested at lap record pace.

For "Street and Track" we can readily modify the set up from the racing set up.