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Track Testing
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This site is written by Dale Thompson  B Sc(Eng)   MSAE-A,  Racing Car Technology, Batemans Bay  NSW  Australia.

The proprietors of Racing Car Technology are Dale Thompson and Neville Smith.




We believe we are your best choice to set up your racing or road performance car because we start from first principles.  We've done the R&D to prove our procedures work.  Race car, or road performance, classic or modern, it's exciting to experience the transformation when you drive it.











"Cornering speed is the key to everything.  If you corner that much faster, you carry that speed all around the race track." Jim Hall, Chaparral Cars. 

"To gain and sustain a competitive advantage you need to know why your car is performing at it's optimum.  Or why not." - Claude Rouelle, Optimum G.


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Here's How to Set Up Your Car for Good Handling....
Race or Road..........

  • Rebuild/check your suspension for stiffness and suspension binding.  Of course you will replace any worn parts.  But you also need to be aware of the affect on handling of stiction and friction in suspension bushings and joints, and twist and bending in the chassis and suspension components.
  • Work out the suspension geometry that will give the improvements in handling that you want and especially what adjustments you have.
  • Calculate a good baseline set up for "ride stiffness" (springs) and "roll stiffness" (springs and anti-roll bars".  The proportion of front vs rear roll stiffness is the main determinant of the balance of the car for understeer/oversteer.   

We can help with Handling and Suspension Set Up for your car - Racing, Self Constructed, Race/Road Performance, or your Classic/Collectable car .......   

In the late 90's, after 20 years in racing, we began our search for ideas, and started our systems based suspension set ups in the workshop, followed by track testing to check our work.  We have advised on all types of cars in circuit racing, rally, tarmac rally, super sprint, drift, performance road cars, classic and sports cars.

Using our Weight Transfer Worksheet (WTW) we can do the necessary calculations to determine a balanced set up, and then find a direction for set up changes to try in testing.  It is a very much a practical exercise - do the baseline set up in the workshop, then test. 

Analyse - Workshop Set UP - Test

When you're flat out building/preparing/racing your car, it is difficult to source all the information you need to understand the suspension set up on your car. 

There are two ways we can work with you.  We can consult with you via email/phone, assisting you or your technical people to do the work, or we can do it in our workshop at Batemans Bay.  Much of what we do is simplified so you can use the ideas straight away.  Some is unique to us, and some has become common practice in professional racing. 

Based on our experience setting up 100's of race cars, we can get your project moving in the right direction.  This alone will save you time and money.  You will have a better set up and a faster race car.  It is far better to start with a known balanced set up for springs anti-roll bars and shocks, rather than wasting track time/use up the car, testing and racing on unknown spring/anti-roll bar/shock rates.  Professional race teams do weight transfer calculations like the WTW, and keep a running comparison of their "magic number", as they progress through testing and racing.


  Based on our knowledge and experience with cars like yours, we can help with your    suspension set up as follows:

  OPTION 1.   We provide you with all the information and help you need to do the Analysis, Workshop Set Up and Track Test procedures yourself.  We send you an input data sheet and Weight Transfer Worksheet (WTW) you can start working on straight away.  We provide email/telephone/skype support.  We can discuss options for all the areas influencing your car's handling.  Irrespective of your experience in racing, I think you will be genuinely surprised at the insights we gain pertaining to your particular car. 


  OPTION 2.  Let us do the suspension set up at our Batemans Bay workshop.  This program is the key to developing your race car, special project, or performance road car.  We'll do a workshop set up, and then track test with you.

  With our procedures, all clients have improved better than 1/2 second to in excess of 2 seconds per lap.  Some have won races for the first time. 



Racing By Numbers.......

What's Your Category?

Circuit Racing/Tarmac Rally/Hill Climb/Historic/Drift/Club Car- Supersprint, Regularity, Track Day etc

Are You Building a Special, Show Car or High Performance Road Car?

SuperCar Development Series           Sports Cars                                 Historic racing                                 Formula Ford

Whatever you race, whatever performance car you build....
You need to know your "Magic Number"!

Every racing car has a magic number.  In fact, everything on four wheels has a magic number.  The magic number represents the set up where the car is balanced mid corner - where the driver reports the handling is to his liking - no excess of oversteer or understeer.

We calculate the magic number in an Excel spreadsheet we have developed and used successfully for all different types of cars - the Weight Transfer Worksheet (WTW).  The WTW is the most accessible, easy to understand set up information/tool available on the internet, or in books, to allow you to quickly develop your car,

This Holden Monaro, for example, is set up on the magic number from the Factory.                         

The WTW represents the simple roll stiffness model of weight transfer, as explained in our presentation "How Does the Driver Control the Car?"  It recognizes the major tuning adjustments we use in suspension set up, eg roll centre height, spring stiffness and anti-roll bar stiffness.  We have concentrated on ease of use and practicality.  Anybody can use it.  Racing and road performance car workshops, or owner/driver preparing your own car, all will find it useful. 

As an example of the way the magic number works, say you have a rear wheel drive sedan with 55% static front weight, such as our Holden Monaro example.  This might infer a magic number of 60.  So we adjust the various inputs in the WTW to reflect this magic number, and change the set up on the car accordingly.  This is your baseline set up.

If it's a road car, you'll find it handles nicely on the road.  For race cars, each time you go racing or testing, when you make changes to the set up, you re-calculate the magic number.  It gives you a direction with your set ups - a higher number is more understeer than the baseline set up, a lower number is less understeer.

You can spec the set up of your car by using our Weight Transfer Worksheet.  Decide never again to fit unknown spring stiffness, anti-roll bar or shock stiffness to your car.  You can be in control.  We provide email support for subscribers. 


Let us do the suspension set up on your car at our Batemans Bay workshop.  This program is the key to developing your race car, special, project, or show car.  We'll do a workshop set up, and then track test with you.

With our procedures, all customers have improved better than 1/2 second to in excess of 2 seconds per laps.  Some have won races for the first time. 

Origins of the Weight Transfer Worksheet.  Why would you want to do any calculations?  Why aren't these calculations in more common usage?

A bit of history on weight transfer and vehicle dynamics.  Complete explanation of the calculations used in the WTW is here.

What You Will Know (about the car) if You Do a Weight Transfer Worksheet.

Ten Biggest Set Up Mistakes  Thought starters about set up issues.





Work out the Weight Transfer Worksheet (WTW) numbers for your car.  eg ride height, roll centre heights, spring and anti-roll bars, shocks, castor, camber, toe.




Track Test With Us 

Track testing of racing cars has been the key to our R&D success.  To find out about a racing car test day, click here  

We can test with you driving your road or race car at Wakefield park.  We use a data logger (the DL1 from Race Technology, UK) to record a very accurate speed trace and track map.  We get detailed analysis of car and driver performance from split times generated, and by overlaying the speed traces.  You get the logger files so you can do some analysis yourself....mor

Road Car Performance 

When we do a performance road car set up, we try to take the driving experience to a new level.  For instance, the popular classic sports and performance cars are still around because people enjoy driving them.  We want to make it a sensational drive.